What's cooler than funny illustrations? You got that right, funny illustrations on a T-shirt!

We started out creating cool and interesting graphics and illustrations during the pandemic, and we thought we may as well monetise our talents by selling graphic tees to the masses. All of our illustrations are original, funny, striking, and most importantly cool - guaranteed to get you compliments wherever you go.

Why graphic tees you ask? Well to be honest, we wanted a product that we would actually be able to use ourselves on the daily!

Printful is our current print-on-demand supplier. What that means is that they source the raw materials, print our designs on the shirts, and ship them right to your doorstep. Each order is made specifically when it is ordered, reducing waste.

For now, due to logistical restrictions, we are only able to serve you if you are in the following regions:

Japan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, South Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam.

We apologise if we are unable to serve you right now, we are working to get more reach. While waiting for us to reach you, maybe get a friend from one of the above regions to buy one and ship it to wherever you are! Oh and check our our instagram here!